House of China is a new pillar within the framework of ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event). Bringing the leading corporations of the Chinese dance music industry under one roof in Amsterdam, the event discusses the latest developments in electronic music in China with the international dance industry and community. House of China is the only official ADE China programme during this year’s edition of ADE. China will be part of the ‘Countries to Watch’ programme developed by ADE for this year’s edition. Within the ‘Countries to Watch’ programme, emerging markets get special attention in order to inform the global music industry about new developments in these focus countries.

The Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) is the leading platform for electronic music since 1995 as well as the biggest club festival in the world for the whole spectrum of electronic music sub-genres. ADE consists of a conference (day) and festival (day & night) programme, covering five days. The city of Amsterdam is all about electronic music for five days and nights, with 400 events in over 160 locations, around 5,000 dance music professionals and more than 400,000 visitors.