Fashionclash is an innovative, interdisciplinary development platform and international fashion network that focuses on supporting a new generation of designers and artists. Over the past ten years Fashionclash has grown from a single project into an influential fashion statement by developing and organising projects such as the annual ‘FASHIONCLASH Festival’ in Maastricht.

In March and April of 2017, Maastricht-based fashion platform Fashionclash, jointly with About Asia introduced “Fashionclash 2017: Future of Fashion” in Chengdu. ‘Future of Fashion’ was a multidisciplinary exhibition composed out of work of more than 30 emerging designers and artists from The Netherlands and Flanders.

The exhibition represented a broad spectrum of fashion design aesthetics, visions and various approaches to fashion. The work stands out for its concept, experimental material and textile, innovative shapes and tailoring. In addition to fashion, the exhibition features screenings of interdisciplinary fashion films, installations and performances.

Among the participants there were award winning designers like Marlou Breuls and Nikki Duijst, and avant-garde designers’ collective Das Leben Am Haverkamp.