Brand facts

In partnership with:

Light Art Collection & Amsterdam Light Festival

Target market segment:

City branding, promotional events

Unique selling points:

World's largest light art collection

Brand objective

Art can convey beauty, disrupt and make you wonder. It draws new crowds, connects people and creates emotions. Bringing value to a place.

Light Art Collection

With the realisation of more than 240 artworks, 7 exhibitions and 5 million visitors since 2012, Amsterdam Light Festival has developed into a global leading light art festival. An estimated 1 million people visit the festival annually. Amsterdam Light Festival is famous for its “Amsterdam Originals”; all light art is specifically made for and commissioned by the Amsterdam Light Festival. After being presented in Amsterdam, these works are later presented to the world through the Light Art Collective (LAC). Over past years, the foundation has built the largest collection of light art in the world by commissioning artists to create works for its festival.


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