New connections.
International business.
Expand horizons.
What we do

About Asia promotes business and cultural exchange between China and the Netherlands. We initiate, manage and execute projects with a new generation of global organisations.

Creative Industries

We work as consultant, project manager and event organiser for a wide range of companies and governments, with a clear focus on creative industries.

Brand Development

In hand with strong industry partners, we continuously develop new brands or take existing brands across borders.


Community Building

Only by connecting resources, we can grow. Collaboration in the local entrepreneurial and creative scene is high on our agenda and we keep on developing infrastructure to nurture this.

Public Private Partnerships

As a representative of public-private partnership CreativeNL, we develop an eco-system for value exchange in creative industries centred around design-driven innovation themes.

Fashionclash Festival Chengdu
Together with Dutch fashion platform Fashionclash, multiple exhibitions and conference activities were developed in Chengdu. About Asia acted as promoter and producer.
Beijing Design Week
The Best 50m2: An open discussion about our urban public space. Installations portraying ideas for public space upgrades. Format developed by About Asia.
Bicycle Experience
Experience a bicycle ride through the world’s number one cycling country; the Netherlands. The Dutch Bicycle Experience brings a mixture of design, lifestyle, tourism promotion. Developed by About Asia.
Chengdu Europe Culture Season
Floating Lights at IFS Chengdu by Dutch light artist Wouter Brave - as part of Chengdu Europe Culture Season. About Asia acted as promoter and producer.
Football in China: 11 out of 1.3 billion
The world’s first documentary about Football in China. Directed by Studio-DL and co-produced by About Asia.

Promotion & Programming

Services to strengthen you to further internationalise.

We support European companies, governments and independents that want to expand their activities to or within China, and vice versa for Chinese that aim to expand to Europe.