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About Asia develops projects with a new generation of international organisations in China and Europe

About Asia.

Cross-cultural creative projects in China

About Asia promotes business and cultural exchange between China and Europe. We initiate, manage and execute projects with a new generation of global organisations. About Asia works as consultant, event organiser and project manager for a wide range of companies and governments.

We constantly look for news ideas, products, services, brands and missions to take across borders. Most of our projects circle around innovation topics and creative industries. Since the foundation of About Asia in 2009, we have been supporting more than a hundred organisations with operations abroad.

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About Asia is always open to discuss international exchange projects with you. We offer our help to jointly develop Sino-European … Read on


We initiate, curate, develop, execute and raise funds for events related to culture, design, art, and entertainment in China. By … Read on


Make sure you are found easier by Chinese consumers and companies. With a Chinese language website and online marketing materials … Read on

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